Students with Disabilities and/or Difficulties

students with tutor preparing food

Birmingham Metropolitan College welcomes applications from all students. We consider each application individually and aim to provide our students with high quality tuition and support. Information regarding a student disability and/or learning difficulty will be dealt with sensitively and prospective students are advised to disclose a disability or medical condition, mental illness or learning difficulty which may affect their learning. 

The College supports the rights of students with learning difficulties/disabilities to attend the College and receive support as appropriate. Learners with learning difficulties/disabilities may be entitled to additional support to that normally provided for the course.

Please call David Hamilton (Birmingham Campuses) on 07976926442, ext 5780 or Vicky Lankertis ext 3807 (Black Country Campuses) for more details on courses offered at Entry Level and to support transition into College life.

Wheelchair access is possible at all our campuses.